The morning moments, a time when we open our eyes and begin a brand new day.  Another page of our life is turned.  The page of yesterday is full of doings, activity, thoughts and experiences.  The page turned to, the one signifying this new day, sits there empty calmly waiting to be filled with the doings and choices we make throughout the day.  Once we awake the page begins to fill and words are written down.  As the day progresses white space slowly gives way to black ink.  The day is recorded and the pen is  ever marking and scribbling away.

During those first moments of a new day the choices we make determine what is first written on the page.  We may wake full of energy and excitement for life.  Or, we may find ourselves hitting the snooze a few more times till at last a moan and groan is uttered while slowly stumbling out of bed.

In order to end the day on a good note with a page full of writing that brings a smile of satisfaction we must first begin right.  In order to enjoy a great start it is wise to prepare the night before.  By taking time to prepare for a new day it decreases the amount of decisions needed to be made upon waking.  Decreasing the decisions needing to be made in the early hours provides an extra reserve of energy which can be saved for tasks more important than that of deciding what to wear and have for breakfast.  By putting an outfit and necessary articles together we are able to avoid a morning where we are rushed and scrambling in search of shoes and notebooks.

One of the best ways to ensure the page of our life is not filled with a stressed and rushed morning, portraying us in an unpleasant light, we need to take a few minutes to prepare the night before.  A few simple steps and minutes in preparation can immensely increase our morning productivity and ability to start the new day with a calm and relaxed mind. Taking time to prepare an outfit, decide tomorrow’s meals, write out the most important tasks and goals for the following day, and preparing needed items makes it easier to get up and going when the alarm goes off signaling the start of a new day and a blank page.

When we take time the evening before to prepare for a new day we are more likely to find the writing first put to the blank page marked as a great start.


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