The process of living life brings along many joys and sorrows.  We will live experiencing many good, excellent, bad and catastrophic days.  Our circumstances do not need nor should they dictate how we think and feel.  Good and joyful times are wonderful to experience; however, God uses the times of our distress and sorrow to cause growth while also drawing us nearer to him.

Life will not consist of one joyful experience after the next.  Often we will find ourselves in a valley, a period of life that is difficult and discouragement is prevalent.  Rather than viewing those valleys as times we must pass through (preferably as quickly as possible)  we aught to acknowledge them as a period to become someone we never would otherwise.  The majority of our growth as a person, a christian, a friend, does not occur when life is going well.  Most growth comes by way of struggles, trials, and times of difficulty.  When we decide to persevere, trusting God to bring us through, on the other side of the valley we will discover God made us better and stronger.  As said in Job 23:10 kjv “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”  When we submit to God in the difficult and sorrowful times he changes our wooden vessel into a golden one.

The valleys, though difficult to experience, should not be despised; instead, we need to live through them with a confidence that God will make us better, stronger, and more like him.


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