Success is not something that happens in a moment nor in a blink of an eye.  No, success is a journey, a winding road full of potholes, speed bumps, and stop signs.  You drive along making good time for a period only to get a flat tire causing you to be behind schedule and missing out on what would have been a big step toward achieving your goal.  At times you will have to put chains on the tires just to get through the icy mountain pass.  You may slip and slide, the wind pushing you backward more than it allows you to move forward.  Other times you will have an open road, low traffic, able to make better time than anticipated.

Success in any aspect of life does not come easy or naturally.  Success requires work, effort, perseverance, time, dedication, money – the list continues.  Achieving success in any area of your life requires sacrifice.  Children will not naturally become well behaved, it is far easier for a marriage to fall apart than it is to grow, a business will not continue by coasting, a building left alone will decay, art will not sell itself, books do not write themselves, stocks will not tell you when they should be bought or sold, learning another language requires consistency, a healthy body is a result of the right fuel and output.

Success does not come in one final instant, it is a road traveled containing many twists and turns, choices and decisions.  Each choice made brings you either closer or further away from your goal.  Life and success are not built upon the monumental moments; rather, the daily choices made no matter how big or small create your future.  Each choice and action builds upon the last slowly causing you to travel down this road called life.

If you desire success you must first know what success means to you.  Is it health, wealth, a loving family, a job you enjoy?  Once you know what success consists of you then need to daily make the choices that will lead toward the desired goal.  If your destination is Florida but are driving toward Washington you are either not going to arrive at your goal, or, it is going to take you a very long time.  Have your road map (your plan) handy so you can compare the choices you make with the choices needing to be made in order to reach your destination.  With your destination in mind and your map at your side enjoy driving down this road of life as you experience successes all along the way.


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