January is the time goals are energetically worked toward.  Gym attendance increases, people happily accomplish their tasks and check them off the list, habits are in the process of being created.

January, that time of year when people realize another one has passed.  Often, this passing is noted with a sigh as the realization that the goal, the hope, the dream is no closer than it was 12 months ago.  Once again this desire is hurredly scratched out on paper with the thought that maybe in the far future it will come to fruition.

A door sits before each of us, a door we long to open.  For some this door is the experiences of travel, for others a job change, the door may be building a business, or starting a family, for some this door may represent becoming a better friend, or drawing closer to The Lord.

Inside of every person there rests the desire to see a certain door open.  This door remains closed while hiding the adventures and joy, the glories waiting on the other side.

Some people face their door year after year.  They make a point before midnight to scratch out this dream or desire, but still it remains closed.  Why?  Why does the door people greatly desire to open remain shut?  Why does your door remain closed?  Here you may tick off a long list including the many reasons your door has yet to be opened.  True, your list may sound appalling; however, those are not the reasons your door has not opened.  No, that list is merely a compilation of excuses.  The real reason we do not hear the hinges of our door squeak,  the reason the knob has never turned, is because of you, because of me.  Our door remains closed only to the duration of time we do not push or pull it open.

Do you truly desire to see this door open?  If you answered yes then stop with the excuses – in fact rip up that list – and decide that 2016 is the year you open the door.  Go, go open the door which has remained tightly closed to you and at last experience the view awaiting on the other side.


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