While going through some papers of mine I had written nine years ago I came upon these two sentences “It was dark and forbidding.  A giant fortress, was it built to keep something out or to keep something in?”

It is always amazing to see the thoughts, ideas, and stories that can begin and grow from a sound, a sight, or in this instance two sentences.

“It was dark and forbidding.  A giant fortress, was it built to keep something out or to keep something in?”  Two sentences written years ago grew into the following today.

Fortress or Prison?

The fortress was strong and forbidding against the dark sky.  Great walls surrounded the fortress with its thick layers of stone tightly fit together, no space found to squeeze even a blade of grass.  This wall and fortress was built strong and mighty.  What was it for?  Was it keeping something out, or, keeping something in?

If anyone would have happened upon this fortress hidden away deep in the woods a light would be observed.  One glowing light of amber in the highest spire.  With great concentration a slight form would also be observed slinking away from the window like a shadow.

For seventeen years she had been locked away while foolishly believing she was protected from the evils lurking beyond the fortress and out over the wall.  In all reality, her worst enemy was not on the other side of the wall.  Oh no, her worst enemy was locked within the very same fortress as she herself.  For you see, she was the enemy.  Without realizing it she had locked herself in with that which she feared the most.  These past seventeen years living in isolation locked away from all living had not provided protection.  She herself was the very fear she thought she was avoiding.  She could not lock out her enemy as fear and the thoughts she created within her own mind was the true enemy.  All these years she thought she had barred the gates against the evil outside, and yet, the only thing she succeeded in doing was locking the enemy in as her sole companion.  Fears pervaded her life.  Always present, always there hindering her from living.  Seventeen years ago she had locked herself away in this dark fortress, yet, it was not a fortress at all. No, this place where she abode was not a place of protection, it was her prison.  Thinking she was protecting herself from the hurt and evils, the darkness of the world on the other side, that was her mistake.  The thoughts and fears, the worries and despair she allowed her mind to dwell and think upon, that was the true evil the one she should have been fighting and protecting herself against.

Day and night found her slinking around the castle ever watching for something lurking in the shadows.  A sound, a movement, a breeze would immobilize her with fear to such an extent you would have thought her another statue of the grounds.

This fortress, built to protect, was in all reality her prison chaining her to every fear and evil her mind could imagine.




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