My current book in progress is coming to an end.  It is exciting to watch the hours of research, brainstorming, writing, rewriting, and editing nearing the end resulting in a finished work.  As I near the end of this book it causes me to contemplate, to consider what is required to finish a pursuit.  Nothing is ever accomplished by wishing.  No, success does not just happen.  So what does it take to finish that which is started and to experience success?
While considering this thought I realize there are many aspects required to reach the finish line.  First, you must of course start.  Without a beginning there can be no end. Time, effort, money, confidence, excitement, interest, and knowledge are a few of the aspects related to success and seeing something through to the end.  Although there are many aspects required for finishing that which is begun one of the most important is that of consistency.  Being able to push through day after day and to squeeze in if just a few minutes to work on the goal desired is what will eventually bring about success. Marathon’s are not run, weight is not lost, languages are not learned, and books are not written without the ingredient of consistency.
Tomorrow finds us finishing the first month of 2016.  Looking back over the past 29 days I have to wonder if I have done all that was possible regarding working toward this years goals, or, if much time has been wasted.  Has this month found you doing all you could to reach your desired goals?  These goals we set out to perform, have they been forgotten already?  Now is the perfect time to again go over our goals and consider what we did well this month and what we can do better in the next.  Has this month found you to be consistent, or, has this required aspect for success been lacking?  As I consider my own goals I find consistency has indeed been applied.  Unfortunately, I also realize consistency is lacking in other areas.
Adding the aspect of consistency to our lives will allow us to accomplish our goals and experience a successful year.  It is time to end January on a good note and start February on a better one by daily and thus consistently working toward our desired goals.

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