Have you ever found yourself doing a Google search to see if anyone has ever accomplished what you would like to do, or, was able to make a living from that thought or idea in your mind.  If so you are not alone.  I too have found myself searching to see if something was ever done.  Why?  Well, if it had been accomplished then I knew it was possible.  While recently performing such a search I suddenly realized that it did not matter whether or not it had been accomplished.  I do not need my idea to be validated by someone else for the simple reason that for every success, every invention, every business idea there was a first.
Throughout life there was the first to fly, the first woman to publish a book, the first toilet, the first billionaire, the first to run a mile in four minutes, the first motor, the first chocolate chip cookie.  Whatever we have today, there was the first at some point in life.
With this realization I am able to go after my dream, my goal, my idea, whether or not someone else has performed it before.  There has to be a first and so I figure it may as well be me.  Whatever dream, goal, or idea you have, it does not matter if no one has ever accomplished it before.  Someone has to be the first and I say that it may as well be you.
Just because something has not yet been performed does not mean that it is not possible.  No, it simply means no one has accomplished it YET.  Everything has to have a first.  Do not be held back simply because it has never been done. Maybe you are the perfect one to be the first.  Instead of performing a Google search to see if anyone has ever done what you are thinking of or is able to make a living off of it, I say go and try.  How exciting it would be to accomplish something and be the first who did.
There is a first for everything.  Are you willing to accomplish a first in 2016?

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