Life offers many choices. Choices need to be made from what to have for supper, who to make friends with, whether or not to attend college, the choice of a spouse, where to live, where to go on vacation, how much to spend for vacation. Choices present, or rather, bombard us on a daily basis. Some choices are made without a conscious effort such as turning toward home when leaving work, pressing start on the microwave, silencing the morning alarm. Other choices require a conscious and difficult decision.

The choices we make build upon one another forming our future. If you desire to lose weight or get into better shape the choices you make today will determine whether or not it happens tomorrow. If you continue to choose cookies over a salad weight lose is not going to be the result. If time after time you choose to watch a movie or read a book over exercising you are not going to get into better shape.

Choices build upon each other. We can decide to choose the easier path and thus not experience change, or, we can choose that which requires effort and willpower. It is only when we choose the later that we are able to experience positive change in our life.

What choices are you making today? Are they leading you forward, or, pulling you back?


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