It is winter in Michigan but you would never know by the weather. The sun is shining and my phone tells me it is 62 degrees (although it feels chillier as a strong wind blows). This winter is nothing in comparison to the previous two. Only a few snowstorms have found their way to my home, a welcome experience I gladly admit.

A bit of sunshine during the winter and my heart soars in thankfulness to The Lord.

What are you thankful for today?


6 thoughts on “I Am Thankful!

  1. There’s nothing like a touch of sunshine to brighten up Winters day. We’ve had a few hard frosts this week. I love it when the lawn is all white and the crispiness beneath your feet as you trudge across it.

    Without appearing selfish, I’m thankful for not having headaches today. I’ve not really been a sufferer until this week and they’ve been horrendous.


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