This past week at church we celebrated our 37th year anniversary. The last message of the week was on the topic “It is Too Soon to Quit” as a church and in our own personal Christian walk.

The truth is, it is too soon to quit for every aspect of life. It is too soon to quit your walk with Christ, too soon to quit striving to reach your health goal, too soon to quit on your family, or pursuing your goal. You may feel tired and worn out, you may be discouraged by not experiencing results. Still, I encourage you not to give up, not to quit.

When you quit you ensure success does not occur. You miss out on what could have been the experience if you had pursued just a little longer. It takes time – often a lot of it – to achieve anything of importance. Continue toward your goal one day more. Decide today is not the day for quitting. When you quit it is a guarantee that success will not be the result; however, when you decide to put off quitting you have the opportunity to achieve that which you set out to obtain.

Decide that “It is Too Soon to Quit” and do something today that will move you toward your goal, desire, or pursuit.


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