When reaching toward a goal, achievement, or prize it can be easy to become discouraged You get to a point where it seems nothing will ever be achieved, goals will never be met, success is merely a dream. At times you may feel you are wasting your time putting forth a great deal of effort while reaping little if any reward.

Yes, discouragement will certainly come. Anything worth pursuing is going to be difficult to achieve. Hours of your life will be required to bring your desire to fruition. I encourage you to pursue. Stay the course you mapped out – and if you have not created a map, go make one immediately. You cannot reach the destination if you do not know how you are going to get there.

Achievements are not made overnight, rather, over time. What course are you taking? Will you be able to say as Paul did “I have finished my course” in II Timothy 4:7?

Be persistent.When you feel like stopping and quitting resolve to take another step. When discouragement fills your thoughts decide to stay the course one day more.

Is persistence an attribute of your life in 2016?


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