Procrastination is an evil that we must remove and purge from our life in order to experience success, joy, and peace. The more we put off the more anxious we become. Stress, irritability, a short temper, and anxiousness are all a result of procrastinating.

Whether procrastination is part of school life, work, or daily habits such as house cleaning, destruction is often left in its wake. As a result of putting off, important tasks and assignments are turned in late, customers are lost, and the house becomes a wreck.

Often the decision to procrastinate leads to more such decisions. Before we know it, we find ourselves stressed while trying to complete tasks in a rush. Rushing at the last minute to write a paper, contact a client, or clean the house makes for sloppy work. Beginning a project early not only removes much stress we create for ourselves, it also allows us to complete it properly.

Procrastination can be decreased by making the right decision in the moment. When an assignment is hanging over our heads we should make the decision to work on that particular project before taking time to relax. When needing to make a phone call regarding a discrepancy on a bill it is best to pick up the phone, make the call, and remove the weight it creates rather than putting it off till the day the bill is due. Before going to bed it is a good habit to straighten the kitchen rather than leaving a mess which will only grow during the morning rush.

If we desire to rob ourselves from joy and create a great deal of stress we can do so by way of procrastinating. On the other hand, if we desire to decrease our stress and anxiety procrastination needs to end.

What are some ways you have found helpful in reducing procrastinating tendencies?


8 thoughts on “The Destruction of Procrastinating

  1. This is a very relevant post. I find that making lists of what I need to do usually helps motivate me to get things done. Additionally, I break down those tasks into smaller, more manageable goals and the only reward I need is that feeling of accomplishment of having completed something. I also think it is extremely important to do a self assessment for why you might be procrastinating and go from there. Are you intimidated by the task? Start small. Are worried it won’t be perfect? Start planning. Don’t know what to do? Start researching. Just feeling lazy? Uh…I don’t have an answer for that one yet. Lol.

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    1. True Sonia. (On a side note you have a beautiful name.) Far too often I have found myself rushing to complete something I had continuously put off without even considering what I was doing. Unfortunately, to procrastinate can become a habit very easily. Once it becomes a habit we no longer stop and choose to procrastinate, rather, we perform it on auto pilot.

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  2. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about procrastination because I’ve been plagued by it for a long time. Finally, I realized I don’t procrastinate everything, just the hard things – hard because they were difficult, or hard because they brought out emotions I wanted to avoid.
    Using a daily To-Do list and connecting my tasks to my goals helped a lot. But it wasn’t until I started thinking about my life as a whole – what did I want to do and what i want to accomplish – did I really start getting over it. I don’t want to be one of those people who at the end of their days realizing they didn’t get the things they wanted to get done.


      1. I have found that fear is the foundation for many of my procrastinating tendencies. Over time I have realized that most of my fears never come to fruition, when they do it is never to the degree I anticipate. For example, in my teens the thought that the bathroom heat lamp would explode over my head while the fan was on made me nervous. One day the heat lamp did explode and I was standing directly under. Glass showered down. Pieces of glass bounced off me and pinged to the floor. I was left standing without a single cut. The first thing I did was apologize to The Lord for not trusting Him and instead living with this foolish fear.


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