Yesterday the snow fell from the sky. The frozen flakes clinked against the hard surfaces it met. As I opened my car door a small pile fell and landed on the seat. While reaching for something one flake caught my eye. It sparkled a rainbow of colors, its unique shape catching and throwing off light. Out of the thousands of snowflakes that had and continued to fall this one small flake had caught my attention and caused me to stop in wonder.

In life we go through our busy lives focused and consumed with work, projects to complete, for others life is filled with school, or, children. We find ourselves rushing to and fro ever in a hurry. But then, occasionally, we come across someone whose life shines if but for a moment. In this moment we stop to look on in wonder. These individuals may not be brilliant or gorgeous, they may not have much in appearance or attire that says “Look at me I am something”, they may not even perform a great action.

These individuals come in many shapes and sizes from the toddler who smiles widely saying “Hi!” to everyone his mom pushes the cart past. His smile is full of joy and love to all he meets, a smile only the crankiest could refuse. There is the elderly man who still opens the car door for his wife of many years. The older brother who protectively holds his sister’s hand while following their mom through the store. There are those special doctors who patiently and kindly explain the procedure for the tenth time. In line at the grocery store you may see such a woman move out of line to allow another with fewer items in front of her. These deeds may not be anything great; however, these little daily actions, actions performed out of habit, show great consideration for others.

Snowflakes come in different shapes and sizes. Some gain attention while others simply fail and are covered shortly after. Other flakes land in muddy areas, a foot passes over forever putting out their iridescent light. For others, they too may fall into the mud but as the sun shines one side is still able to sparkle bringing light to the darkness around.

We too have the possibility to shine and let God’s light shine through us. We can be the snowflake that falls into the car and catches the eye of others, the snowflake that lets its good side glisten even in the dirt and grime, or, we can be the snowflake who allows the discouragements of life to put out our light leaving in its place a bitter and discouraged person. Life can be difficult, discouraging, busy, and frustrating. Even so, we can still show kindness, compassion, and consideration for others.

Will you be like many snowflakes who are never noticed, or, will you, like the snowflake in my car, sparkle and catch people’s eye causing them to stop in wonder?


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