In life the only way to start anything is by beginning, by taking that first (sometimes scary) step. Reaching the finish line for any goal is not the process of a sprint but a marathon. Completing a goal requires us to place one foot down after the next. Each step is important as each one brings us a little closer to the finish line; however, the first may be the most important as you can never take the last step if the first was never taken.

Do you have goals for this year that you have yet to begin? Is weight loss a goal? If so, you could take your first step by increasing your water intake while decreasing your preferred beverage of choice. Have you decided this is the year to learn an instrument? Then step putting it off and find a teacher or buy a book. Maybe becoming more physically active is a goal on your list. Stop thinking about it and go for a walk. Many people desire to write a book but not everyone who has this desire will see it come to fruition. If you too have the desire to see your name published you must take that first step and write the first word.

We are already one sixth of the way into 2016. Before we know it we will once again be filling out our goals and making plans to accomplish great things for the new year. Far too often the same goals are written out year after year. We can change this cycle by taking a step toward our desired goal today. We need to swallow our fears, stop procrastinating, and finally take a step toward that one goal we long to see accomplished.

Have you taken that first step? What was it? If not, today is a great day to take the first step toward achieving your goal!


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