Our daily habits make up who we are today and form who we will become tomorrow. Habits make us who we are often without us realizing the extent. From what we do when first getting up in the morning, how often we brush our teeth, the speed we drive, the food we eat, books or blogs we read, exercise we do or do not perform, to the thoughts we think, add up to the person we are as individuals.

Habits can be positive or negative. Positive habits are those which make us better, healthier, and kinder to name a few characteristics. The negative habits do the opposite. The important thing is to increase the habits which improve the experience of life and decrease the ones which hinder our capabilities.

Habits are not easily formed nor are they easily broken. Dedication is required for both creating or stopping a habit. New habits can be made but we must decide to create them by taking action daily. The same goes for stopping the unhealthy and negative habits we have formed.

When trying to begin a new habit it is easy to have an all or nothing mindset. This approach sets us up for failure. The first time we miss our goal or forget to perform the new habit we end up berating ourselves and are left feeling discouraged. Sometimes we can become discouraged to the point of giving up – at least for the day. Dieting is one area the all or nothing approach is detrimental. Say a cookie was eaten absentmindedly during a conference meeting. The mind tells us since we messed up the goal for the day we may as well begin tomorrow. This thought then leaves us having a pop with lunch, eating candy throughout the day, and having a slice of cake after dinner.

A better approach is to focus on one success at a time. With this mindset the slip up with the cookie would end there. Focusing on one success at a time allows you to face the slip up and decide to do better the rest of the day.

Both positive and negative habits form who we are. What do your habits say about you?



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