Instead of putting off accomplishing the task that hangs over our heads we should get into the habit of getting it done. You know  the task. The one which causes stress every time it comes to mind, the nagging voice calling to you and disrupting your enjoyment of the moment. That is the very task that should be accomplished as soon as is possible.

We all experience these tasks. Things we need and aught to accomplish but do not enjoy performing. So what do we do? Often we find ourselves procrastinating, putting it off until we feel more energetic or mentally ready to face that which is disagreeable. The problem is, the task is not complete and remains hanging over our heads reminding and taunting us. This makes it difficult to enjoy what we are doing until it is completed.

The best thing is to take a breath and then jump right into tackling the disliked task. Often that which we dislike and put off, the task that hangs over our heads, is not as difficult to accomplish as we had imagined. Once completed the weight we had carried around is lifted off our shoulders and we can once again enjoy the moment.

When you have a task needing to be accomplished, something you dislike performing, do you find yourself procrastinating? Or, do you jump in and get it done?


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