Each morning I am in the habit of thanking The Lord for something before getting out of bed. Some mornings it is difficult to decide what to be thankful for. This difficulty lies not in there being so few, as the truth is I have experienced numerous blessings, a lifetime worth. No, the difficulty does not come in thinking of something to be thankful for, rather, in choosing the right one.

Being thankful for something specific sets the tone for my day. It gives me a purpose, a focus. True, I could pick any number of things for which I am thankful; however, I have found when time is taken to consider something specific for that morning my day begins in a special way.

It is good to be thankful for all The Lord has blessed us with. It is also good to be thankful in a focused manner.


4 thoughts on “Focused Thankfulness

  1. Lovely post. I have a gratitude app that reminds me every day. Also I have a reminder in my phone to thank someone every week, not in a ‘I must do’ kind of way, but genuinely thank someone for something they went out out of their way to do (and not just for me, could be anything). Makes you more intentional which is the whole point of this!

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    1. What a wonderful thing to do, thanking someone every week. People like to be noticed and this is an excellent way. I understand what you mean about having a reminder. Until something becomes a habit it is easy to forget about doing the very thing we truly wanted to do – at least this is true for myself.

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  2. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thankfulness is an important aspect of life. I have found no matter what troubles may be part of life when the blessings are remembered there is still much for which I can thank The Lord.


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