It is a simple act the process of lifting the lips in an upward motion so as to create a smile. It is a simple act to perform and yet it is one which can and does make an impact. Far too often people go through life sad, discouraged, disappointed, and even depressed. Focusing on negative aspects does not improve our life, rather, it gives place for negativism to live, grow, and thrive.

Sometimes we simply need to decide to plaster a smile on our face (no matter how much we may not want to) and decide to be happy. As Paul said in Acts 26:2  sometimes we too need to say “I think myself happy”.

I am not always happy, bubbly, and excited. There are times in my life just like there are times in yours when I am discouraged, afraid to take the next step in my life, or, unsure what the next step should be. We all get discouraged at times. We all experience disappointments. Life will have its ups and downs and we cannot stop the bad times from coming. We may not be able to avoid disappointments but we can decide how to face them. I say lets face them with a smile.

When discouraged or sad instead of allowing our face to show others how we feel inside we should instead try smiling. It is said if we pretend an attitude then it is possible for that attitude to become real. So I say we should smile whether or not we feel like it. I would rather smile and brighten the day of another even when my own is dark than I would frown and look menacing only to darken the day of another in the process.

Smile, it is a decision we should make daily.


2 thoughts on “Just Smile

  1. Try it! If you smile no matter how fake your mood will rise. Sounds strange but it works. Just as keeping your head high when you don’t feel like it can also become an attitude.

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