Have you ever had a stroke of genius, thought of an excellent topic to write about, or formed the perfect sentence only to forget your idea before having the chance to record your thoughts? These moments can be frustrating. Coming up with a genius post is difficult enough but to lose it before having the chance to jot down a note is downright criminal (or so it seems).

Lost thoughts do not merely exist in terms of writing but nearly all other aspects of life as well. From work, to school, and family there are many moments in life when we experience lost thoughts. Have you ever planned on sending relatives or friends a card only to remember a month after their birthday has passed? Maybe you planned on making a meal for a family who was going through a difficult time only to remember your kind intentions when you heard things had improved. You may have decided at one point to spend time with a certain individual but before you ever got around to it they had passed away.

Intelligent and kind thoughts are more numerous than we realize. The thoughts themselves are not a rarity, rather, the rarity comes in retaining these thoughts. Too often we allow our minds to become filled and cluttered with less important ideas not those which are most important. Thoughts come and go. Some we retain and sadly others are lost. We need to decide that the important thoughts, those that matter and can make a difference, are the ones we retain and act upon.

Which thoughts will become lost to you?


3 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts

  1. Been there done that! This can be so annoying! I started carrying around some pen and paper with me but then you are not always able to jot down the idea. Still it helps to lose less. People may think you are a little excentric though 😉

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  2. I hate it when this happens! I also feel, as I’m getting “older”, that it’s getting way worse, haha. A notebook and multiple pens (as you say, you never know when a pens goes) and also my phone helps out slightly, though! But I still really wish there was a super easy and great way to train that part of your memory…

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