Monday’s get a bad rap. For many this day marks a time for starting back to work or school. It is a time to get back into studying, writing papers, making phone calls, having meetings, contacting customers, the list continues. Often, the weekend flies by. Sometimes the weekend is lived in a notable manner while other times it merely passes.

Instead of viewing Monday’s as the start of a long work week we aught to view them as a chance to begin the week strong. Create your plans for the week. Write out your goals and plans for living in a big way.

Life passes far too quickly and as said in James 4:14 “For what is your life? It is even a vapour”. Yes, this life is a vapor and will be over before we are ready. Do not waste a precious day of your life by wishing it away; instead, use each Monday to start the week in a big, a strong manner.

How can you begin viewing Monday’s differently?


2 thoughts on “Making Monday a Day to Start Strong

  1. If I’d loathe Monday mornings because I have to go to work I would definitely look for a new job that I enjoy 🙂


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