Have you ever struggled with starting a new habit be it exercise, changing your way of eating, writing consistently, accomplishing dreaded tasks first thing in the morning, or, becoming organized?

Starting a new habit can be difficult, not necessarily a physical difficulty but a mental one. Whether we forget about the habit till already in bed, feel too tired, had a bad day or any number of reasons, starting and sticking with a new habit can be difficult.

While creating a new habit can be difficult it is not impossible. How can we stick with a new habit we want as part of our life? By making one micro decision at a time. If weight loss is your goal a micro decision can include adding one extra serving of vegetables for lunch, or, replacing one glass of your normal beverage with a glass of water. In terms of exercise instead of starting out doing 30 minutes a day five times a week make a micro decision to take a walk that day or do one push-up.

Often the reason we fail to meet our goals is because we go from doing nothing to doing everything. While sometimes, and for some people, this method can work, the majority of the time such endeavors end in failure. It is far better to make one micro decision followed by another micro decision the next day, slowly seeing our goals accomplished than to start out in a strict manner only to give up on the endeavor a short while later.

Think back to the beginning of this year and the goals you had decided to accomplish. Are you still working toward those goals and following your plan, or, have they been set aside and abandoned? Those goals you wrote out at the beginning of this year can still come to fruition.

What is one micro decision you can make today so as to take one step toward accomplishing your goal?


4 thoughts on “Creating Habits One Micro Decision at a Time

  1. This is a great post 🙂 It really is all the little things that add up and count! And while you start small, it makes it easier to compound these effects over time!

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