Memories are not always what they seem. A family can begin talking about a trip from years ago with each individual remembering it in a different way. This is because every individual experiences life in his or her own way with a unique perspective. Even siblings raised under the same roof, having many of the same experiences, grow up with a different view and perspective of the life he or she lived.

For myself I have a poor memory, this probably plays a large role in my love of writing. When I write something down that memory is recorded and I am able to go back years later to revisit. When an event, a thought, or piece of knowledge is written down it makes it possible to go back and remember what was forgotten simply by opening the notebook or document on the computer.

Often, when relatives recount a time of years past I usually agree with how they remember things. One of my cousins has an infuriatingly excellent memory in certain aspects. She will recount a time from years ago and upon her finishing the story I have been known to make a remark of it sounding like a great adventure. She just stops, looks at me, and says “You were there.” Oh, well, no recollection of that experience. Just the other day an Aunt showed me a picture of when I was nine holding up an apron another Aunt had made me. Yet again, a moment of my life I have no memory of.

Now, I must say there is a positive side to having a poor memory, at least this is what I persuade myself to believe. Really though, there are some good qualities that I have learned as a byproduct of living with a poor memory. Such aspects include…

  • I have learned to enjoy the moment. I may not remember the moment a few years, months, or even weeks from now, but I have learned to at least enjoy the experience the first time. It is easy to become caught up in capturing the moment through pictures, or, being busy that we neglect to take time to simply sit and enjoy the activities before us.
  • Writing or typing out what I do, experiences had, and knowledge learned is a vital aspect of my life. A few years ago I began keeping a notebook filled with notes, quotes, and ideas gained from non-fiction books read. Now that I am writing my own ebooks I am able to go back to those notes and use information learned (albeit forgotten) as sources.

The memory is a funny thing. Some of us are born with a poor working one, others slowly lose it with age, while others tragically lose it suddenly. Enjoy the memories you have and take time to record some so you will be able to recall them years from now. One last thought, take time to simply enjoy one moment today. You may not remember it later but you can enjoy its experience now.



6 thoughts on “Memories, a Funny Thing

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this! I am one with a terrible memory too. I do not write down a lot but I take photos. People so often ask me why I am taking photos of ordinary scenes. I just enjoy to look at them and they bring back the memory. šŸ˜€

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  2. One of the reasons I love writing is so I can record memories. I LOVE memories. And I love the idea of having a notebook to collect things I learn from books.

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    1. Taking notes from books has become an ingrained habit, to the point that it is impossible to read non-fiction in any other manner. On the few occasions I did not have blank paper with me I have been known to squeeze many thoughts on the back of a receipt. It is amazing how small one can write when the sutuation requires.


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