God is the God of second chances, In truth, He gives more than a second chance. Time after time we can read how He gives someone in the Bible another chance to do right, to repent, to follow Him. There is King David after his sin with Bathsheba, Jonah after being spit out, Adam and Eve, Peter, Samson, the list continues.

God wants us to do right, to love and serve Him. When we fail He continues to call us and then forgives when we repent. He is merciful in a great way.

When I think of the extent God shows mercy I realize mercy is often lacking in our own lives. Friendships die, family connections are ruined all because people are not willing to forgive. God provided mercy by way of the greatest sacrifice (His son Jesus Christ) as a means to forgive. While God was willing to show mercy in the greatest of ways we struggle to form three little words, “I forgive you.”.

Rather than forgive we become hurt, angry, and filled with resentment. Instead of forgiving we desire to see others pay for the hurt they inflicted.

Forgiveness not only heals broken friendships it also refreshes our own soul. Holding onto resentment does more hurt to self than it will ever cause to the one who hurt us.

Lets be willing to say “I forgive you.” and put mercy into practice more often.



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