Life can easily become cluttered not only with things but activities as well.

When it comes to more in terms of things we can become bogged down. Bogged down with spending time taking care of those things as well as finding storage space. More clothes requires more closet space. Extra furniture creates more dust collecting surfaces. A larger house leads to more floor space needing to be swept.

Life is full of learning and doing but there is a point of doing too much. The more classes your children participate in results in less time spent as a family. Volunteering is great but not when it increases your stress causing you to become angry and irritable with friends and family. Exercising is excellent but you do not always need to attend classes or go to the gym in order to reap benefits.

Sometimes we need to take a look at our life and simplify. Living spaces filled with stuff, a life full of activities, both are the perfect scenarios for multiplying stress.

Simplifying does not mean we need to go through our closets and keep only a few outfits. It does not mean children should be pulled from all their extra classes. To simplify merely means making things simpler from where we are at in the moment.

Take time today and consider which areas need simplifying in your own life. Then, take action, one small step, in making life just a little bit simpler.



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