Have you ever met someone only to feel a like or a connection right away? One who caught your attention and caused you to desire the ability to spend more time in conversation?

This past Saturday I was at a friends baby shower and met her husband’s Grandmother for the first time. Immediately her character arrested my attention. She had a personality who drew others to her, I think without her even realizing.

She was sweet, interesting, had a sense of humor, and even more importantly she trusted, she rested in God. Throughout our conversation I discovered her husband has dementia as well as other health issues and three of her seven children have died (two in very tragic manners). As she spoke of these circumstances not a word was said so as to gain sympathy, rather, she was merely discussing her life.

When I made a comment of her experiencing a lot of sorrow she stated that God only gives us what we can handle. Concerning the death of her children she said that children are borrowed of the Lord to be raised for Him. She did not make any of these comments lightly, she spoke them from the heart.

There were many other aspects of our conversation that caused me to love this woman whom I had never before met. Upon our parting I made sure to let her know just how much meeting her meant to me.

This meeting causes me to consider my own life and how I appear to those around me. If others saw in me what I saw in this woman I would be very pleased.


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