It is hard to believe we are already well into April. It feels like January first was just the other day and yet here it is April twelfth. Time ticks by whether or not we are working toward our goals. Before we know it the end of December will arrive and we will once again write out our goals and desires we hope to experience in the new year. Lets decide to make this year the one we experience accomplishments. No more putting off, no more being lackadaisical regarding our pursuits.

One of the most important aspects of meeting with success in any area of life is by having a plan in place. Whether the desire or goal is to get a job we love, learn a language, become organized, change our eating habits, become wiser with money, raise good children, or buy a house a plan is a necessity. Dreams and goals are all well and good but without a plan it is unlikely they will ever be achieved. A plan lays out the steps needed to accomplish the task, project, goal. By breaking the desire down into manageable steps success is possible.

When creating a plan we need to break tasks down into small steps otherwise we may feel overwhelmed and never take action. Each step toward reaching our goals should be just that, a step. When walking most of us rarely consider each step taken. We may notice them more when in rough terrain, those running a marathon may notice them more as they get closer to the finish line, the elderly and others with bad knees notice those smaller steps. For the most part though, the single steps are barely noticed they are just taken. This should be the same with how we write out the plan for reaching a goal. Make each step something simple and easily accomplished. When we create our plan with nearly minuscule steps we set ourselves up for success.

Have you made a plan for your goals? Is that plan broken down into doable tasks? Are you following your plan? I would love to hear your comments.


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