At times the most difficult aspect in performing a task, goal, or project is the simple act of beginning. Once we make time for the particular task, gather the supplies, and perform the first step it is easy to continue.

Beginning something can be extremely difficult. For one reason or another we put off starting something. Maybe we are afraid of the outcome, we know it will take forever to accomplish, the task appears overwhelming, we do not feel mentally prepared. There are numerous reasons we put things off, and yet, time and again that is precisely what we find ourselves doing.

When we stop procrastinating and begin a project we may just find that it was not as difficult as imagined.

Whatever you have hanging over your head whether it is sitting down to pay your bills, studying, writing a paper, preparing for a meeting, planning the weekly meals, or organizing a closet, instead of putting it off begin.

Once something is started stress over that task lifts and energy in pursuing the project arrives. What was looked upon with disfavor becomes something we are excited about completing.

When you have something that needs getting done, or something you have long wanted to accomplish, stop putting it off. Pick up the project and decide that you will simply begin. You do not have to complete it. You do not even need to accomplish much. Simply begin. Once you have begun you may find that it was not as difficult as your imagination allowed you to believe. In fact, you may find yourself completing the project before realizing what you are doing.

Stop putting off. Simply begin.

How can you begin today?


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