Coming up with interesting conversation topics on the fly is not one of my strong points. When asked the question “What have you been up to?” I have often found myself stumped. Either I am unable to think of anything they would deem interesting, or, what has transpired recently is too dear to share in an offhanded manner.

Writing Learning to Listen, Learning to Care has helped my conversations by teaching me to be quiet and allow others to talk. In this way I am able to learn interesting things about others while allowing them to feel appreciated. While my conversing abilities increased with the writing of that book I have found my ability to converse has increased to a new level as I write and edit my current book in progress Living in Confidence, Facing your Fears. It has surprised me how my conversations have become more fluid and animated. Ideas and sentences  written have found their way into my spoken words. Not because of trying, rather, they tend to fit like a puzzle.

Most people (if not all) struggle with confidence at some point in their life to varying degrees. Some more than others. Some much more.

By reading, studying, researching, and writing on the topic of confidence I have found myself focusing less on how others view me. Instead of caring what they may think, my focus is turning to their needs. To some extent this has been a habit of mine since writing the book on listening; however, I am now learning to open up and admit to my own “flaws” and struggles. They are becoming topics to no longer fear approaching. As I approach them others then have verbally spoken relief in knowing they are not alone in the same struggle.

While nearing the completion of Living in Confidence, Facing your Fears I realize that if no one else reads these words I have labored over the book is still a success. This book has served its purpose by making a difference in my own life. Not because of my ability to write but because I have prayed for God’s guidance throughout the entire process. He has given me the ideas, thoughts, and words to write. Words that have and are making a difference in my life, which then has lead to a difference in those with whom I communicate.

While it would be wonderful to see many people helped by reading my yet to be finished book, every minute spent on its creation has been worthwhile even if no one else reads those words. I have changed, learned, and grown through writing this book.

Sometimes we take a path and find the end result different than that which we had anticipated. We can either be disappointed in not reaching the desired goal, or, be glad for the outcome that was met. We may have started out wanting to be a help and blessing to others. What we may discover is that we were the ones who were helped and blessed the most. This has been true for my journey of writing.

Have you found yourself learning, changing, and growing through your writing? I would love to read your comments!


4 thoughts on “Changing Through Writing

  1. Yes, I feel I have learned a lot by writing. The great bonus was meeting lots of very interesting people through blogging. I feel blessed to know them, you being one of the special ones.


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