July is upon us and with this month comes the start of the second half of the year. Six months have passed leaving us with six more.

How does July find you? Have you accomplished goals, or, are you continually heading in that direction? Are you just now realizing that you have forgotten all about them?

Sometimes life can pass us by and before we know it another year has passed as well. Another year that has not brought us forward toward the direction we desire.

If you find yourself still working toward your goal or goals then take time to celebrate. It takes effort, time, and commitment to see things through. While it is exciting to reach the end goal it is just as important to celebrate along the way.

If your goals have long been forgotten do not despair. Take time to decide that which you really desire to change in your life and begin a habit that will slowly take you in that direction.

For my own part having a written goal and even well laid plans are not enough to create a change. However, habits are. When I add a habit to my life and stick with it even when I do not feel like it, I find that change does occur.

Take time this week to revisit your goals and consider how important they are. If you truly want to make a change incorporate a habit into your everyday life. Something easy that you will stick with. By creating a habit today, and sticking with it, in six months time you will find yourself several steps closer to your goal.

I would love to hear what keeps you moving toward your goal. Please do share in the comments below.


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