It can be difficult to stay the course and follow through with a plan for achieving success in terms of a specific goal.  Whether we want to lose weight, increase our water intake, learn a second language, find a new job, save for a vacation, live a life of peace, or any other number of goals it is easier to quit than it is to finish.  Year after year goals are set aside only to be picked up again at a later date.  Some of my own goals for this year have been forgotten and set aside only for me to pick them back up and try once again.

Establishing habits is one of the best ways to ensure success in the endeavors we desire to succeed.  However, it can be difficult to get to the point where a habit is formed.  This is where celebrating comes into play.

When we take time to celebrate our little successes we become motivated to achieve the next little success.  Each little success builds upon the last until at last we take the final step.

Preparing the house for a party can be used as an example of how to celebrate the little steps you take until all is ready for the big day.  When a party is planned at times it can seem overwhelming.  The house needs to be cleaned – suddenly you notice every dingy wall, door, or baseboard that could use a fresh coat of paint.  Decorations have to be bought and set up.  A menu must be planned and prepared.  Not to mention the need to send out invitations.  When the realization of all that needs to be done in order to have the party hits you it can be difficult to begin.  By simply beginning and taking one step – no matter how small – you are able to make a way for motivation to increase.  When you finish one step you then can celebrate in the fact that there is one step less on your long (and seemingly never ending) to-do list.  Once one step has been accomplished you can take a moment to smile and take joy in that which was accomplished.  Celebrating accomplishments does not have to be anything great or time consuming.  When preparing for a party simply taking time to sit back and look at your cleared kitchen table can be enough to fuel your fire of tackling yet another section of the kitchen.

When feeling overwhelmed one simply needs to begin.  At times writing blog posts can feel a bit daunting.  Thoughts of whether or not I have anything of importance to say, or, if people will care to read the words I take the time to write come to mind.  It is far easier to let the blog go to the wayside than it is to sit down and write out thoughts that not only help and encourage myself, but, can help and encourage you the reader as well.  Making myself sit down and jot down a few thoughts allows me to celebrate in the fact that I at least have an idea to work with.  That little celebration then encourages me to write a draft which leads to editing and finally posting the finished article.

Celebrating in each success can and will propel us forward.  When we celebrate a little step we motivate ourselves to take the next one.  If we are only ever focused on the end result we are going to become discouraged as success is a long way off.  However, when we celebrate the little successes along the way whether that is buying supplies for the party, writing a draft for my blog, listening to a language CD for five minutes, or losing a pound we provide ourselves with renewed vigor and momentum.

The action of celebration can vary depending on what motivates you and the degree of difficulty of each step, each success.  Sometimes all you need to do to celebrate is tell yourself “Good job!”  At other times buying yourself a special treat or a new outfit may be the right manner to celebrate.  Even something as big as taking a vacation may be the right method of celebrating for that specific step.  It does not matter how you celebrate as long as the method you choose inspires and motivates you on to the next step.

Are you already in the habit of celebrating your little successes?  What ways have you found have helped you become motivated to continue the long journey toward a goal or desire?


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