When God tells us to do something, when He leads in a direction outside of our comfort zone it can be scary.  We are like the pig in the picture above. He has limited vision and is only able to see through the slats of the pen. He can come close and stick out his snout but he still can only see a small section of that which is outside his pen.

When God shows us the next step of life it is often the only thing revealed. He does not show us the entire picture. We see a glimpse. Like the pig we can try and peer around the slats creating the walls of our comfort zone but still we have a limited view.

There are a few reasons God does not reveal His entire plan two of which are…

  1. God gives us limited vision because He wants to see us take a step by faith and trust wholly in Him. By moving forward even when our line of sight is a short distance God knows we love and want to follow Him.
  2. Another reason God does not allow us to see the entire picture is because we could not handle knowing His plans. If we were to see the entire picture then we would be scared to death and believe that there is no way God could do all of that through us. (Even though He can as said in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”)

God allows us to see the step He wants us to take today. Tomorrow He will expand our line of sight a bit. Each time a step of faith is taken our line of sight increases as well.

When God asks something we ought to simply obey. We may be trying to peer around the slats to see a little more of what God is asking us before we decide to follow. Rather than waste time trying to see what lay outside of where we feel safe and comfortable we need to obey trusting God’s leading.

With each step of faith our line of sight increases. Will you allow yours to increase today?




5 thoughts on “Line of Sight

    1. I am so glad this was what you needed! Which is the whole point in my writing articles, to take time to consider what God has been working on in my life and to share that with others who may need it as well.


  1. Amen and amen. Thank you for your encouragement, Melanie!

    Those blinders that the Amish keep on their horses are like this description. Funny, how our language uses the term blinders in the negative, when the result for the horses (and hence their owners) is altogether positive. With them, they can trot right alongside fast-moving cars and potentially dangerous situations, peaceful in their resolve that the master knows where he has placed them. Were they to witness the bigger picture, these animals would NEVER put themselves so close to danger! How gracious and giving, our Maker and Friend, who protects us by limiting our vision. He is trustworthy!

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    1. What an excellent view of blinders-and so true. The limited vision our Lord provides us with is exactly what we need to perform His will. It can be easy to complain about not being able to see more of His plan; however, it is just one of the ways He protects us.

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