This morning I finished reading my Bible through yet another time and realize no matter how many times it is read it never will be enough. God always has something else for us in His word and often something we need that day or for the very near future. I have tried over the years to make sure reading The Bible and talking in prayer with my Lord is something performed first thing in the morning; however, I do not always make it a priority. It seems the days I decide to do it later are the ones where life falls apart – even if in little ways like my having less patience.

Life can and often does become a flurry of activity. We find ourselves rushing from one place to the next. The house needs cleaning, children have activities to attend, dinners need to be prepared, work requires our attention, bills must be paid, phone calls need to be made, friends need assistance, animals need attending, the list continues.

If we allow, our life can become a blur of us running here and there forgetting to take time for that which is most important. No matter how busy we may be we cannot afford to skip spending time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Taking time to pray and read His word is the best preparation available. Nothing and no one can prepare us like Jesus can.

He wants to spend time with us but too often we put it off saying we will read our Bible later and that we can pray to Him in the car. Well, later often never comes and praying in the car causes us to miss what we would have received by spending those first morning moments in the presence of our Lord. Taking those early moments and giving them to The Lord allows us to start the day out right. When this time is missed it is easy for the rest of the day to end up in a messy heap.

Spending our morning moments in prayer and reading the words of God are not a benefit to our life, those moments are in all reality a necessity.

No matter how busy you may be take your morning moments and spend them with He who loves you more than anyone else. You will find this is the best method of preparation for your day, one you will never regret.


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