I live out in the country but the city near me has construction everywhere. Almost any and every direction you try to go meets you with roadblocks, detours, and turnarounds. It is enough to drive all of us on the road crazy; however, it does not stop us from going where we need and are expected to be.

Why is it these roadblocks do not stop us from our destination, our goal, and yet the roadblocks of life frequently stop us from reaching our goals?

You probably have a goal you are currently working on. Maybe you started this year with the goal in mind or maybe you have added it since. You have this goal in mind, made preparations, and even began. Maybe your goal is to lose a few pounds or to become conversant in a second language before a trip. You may be working toward getting a new job or are working on learning a new skill.

You began this goal motivated, excited, and determined. However, time has passed and with it life has brought on obstacles, detours, and roadblocks. Maybe sickness has found its way into your family. You may have been forced to do overtime at work. Out of town relatives may have come for a few weeks visit.

The obstacles, detours, roadblocks, and construction of life are numerous and often seem to arrive at the most inopportune time. When they become a part of your life how do you respond?

While the easy thing would be to put off working on the goal I encourage you instead to carry on!

You may not be able to perform your entire workout; however you do have the time to do one push up. The simple action of performing one may be enough to cause you to realize you have the time, strength and energy to do more. Rather than putting off your language studying learn one new word today. Looking for a new job can be stressful and overwhelming in itself but when you add on roadblocks of life it can seem impossible. Do not look at the whole picture; instead, perform one small task such as tweaking your resume, making a phone call, or sending one email. Instead of putting aside the endeavor of learning a new skill perform one small action which will bring you a bit closer to your final goal.

Life throws roadblocks, detours, and obstacles into our path all the time. While they may be great excuses the result is still an unreached goal.

When you lose your motivation and discouragement sets in do not allow the detours and roadblocks of life to set you off course. Carry on! Despite the obstacles you find in your way take a small step forward.

What methods have you found beneficial in carrying on despite the roadblocks of life?



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