It can be easy to allow the ups and downs of life, the plain busyness of it all, and the sorrows that come along to cause us to forget and neglect rejoicing in the Lord. Life is difficult to navigate through at times. No matter what circumstances we may be in the midst of experiencing though, there is always something for which we can rejoice.

Today I went garage saling. While I did not find as many bargains as hoped and anticipated one stop made all the shopping worthwhile. I found a zip lock bag of various goodies for $2.00. Glancing at the bag I knew it was a great bargain but it was not until I sat in the car and opened it up pulling out items one by one that I realized the extent of the bargain. I felt like a giddy child on Christmas! Gollum also came to mind as I sat there with my prizes for the day. As one who loves anything to do with words whether it be jotting down a thought, sketching and flushing out ideas, or writing down a new word to learn I was thrilled as I slowly pulled items out of the bag. There was a small notebook from Nepal made with handmade paper. My excitement continued as I realized the notebook which had first caught my eye was a never been used leather notebook from Barnes and Noble with the price tag of $24.95 still inside. A pack of four drawing pens were next. Still there was more. A few little things that will probably not be used came next. But then, to top off this great bargain were three knives. All of these items for a mere $2.00! Can you tell I am excited?

While rejoicing in this gift from The Lord I realize that everyday there are things around all of us for which we can and should rejoice.

Some days we may feel there is nothing which can cause us to rejoice; however, there is, we simply need to open our eyes. Sickness, sorrows, and misery may be prevalent but there is always something for which to pause and give thanks. It may feel that getting through the day is a struggle in itself let alone being joyful. The truth is, these are the very moments we need most to rejoice. Rejoicing helps us get out of the hole we are in and causes us to realize that no matter how bad our life or day may be God still has blessed us immensely. Even on my worst day I can rejoice in the fact that I am saved, born again. I am able to rejoice in the fact that my loving Savior Jesus has a home waiting for me in glory.

Knowing the great love of Jesus, finding a bargain, having a roof overhead, being able to sit and relax, spending time with family, having God’s word to read, hearing the sounds of the country drift in through my window, and the sunshine of summer are only a few of the many, many, many aspects of life for which I can rejoice and thank my Lord.

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

I would love to hear about that which you can rejoice in The Lord for today.


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