It is amazing and a little sad how fast this year has and is continuing to move. I can hardly believe we are already into August. Life really is a vapour as said in James 4:14. Time is not going to slow down any time soon and with this fact in hand if we desire to accomplish any of our goals this year we need to get a move on them now.

Every Friday of this month I am going to post a tip which will hopefully help, encourage, and motivate all of us to do something in regards to moving forward so that we may reach our goals.

Tip One: Know Your Why

Why do you desire to accomplish this specific goal you have in mind? How will accomplishing and reaching this desire improve and better your life?

For my own part one of my goals to achieve before this year is over is to run a 5k. Ever since I was little I have been a shallow breather. Wearing a brace for my scoliosis did not help the matter. As a side note, I do not understand why women choice to wear corsets back in the day. At least my brace had straps made of velcro. This allowed me to easily loosen the straps allowing room to breathe after eating too much – it took me a few months to learn the portion size which did not cause discomfort while being squeezed by my brace.

When my siblings, cousins and I would play games where running was a requirement I frequently found myself the first one out. Add on the heat of the summer and I would be gasping for air throughout our time of playing.

My “Why?” for running a 5k is to push myself outside of my comfort zone and perform an action which does not come easy. Just because I have always breathed shallowly and have had difficulty in the area of running does not mean this has to be a permanent aspect of my life.

My “Why?”for running a 5k = Push myself outside of my comfort zone and accomplish that which is difficult for me. This will then encourage and motivate me to do that which is difficult in other areas of my life as well.

Take time to figure out your “Why?” as it will help you stay the course and complete your goal.

What is your “Why?” for the goal you desire to accomplish before the year is over?


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