Last Friday found me unable to write and publish the second post for accomplishing goals.  I figure a week later is better than not writing it at all.

No matter the extent of your motivation, no matter the preparation you have put forth, and no matter how well a plan you have written, the goals you desire to accomplish never will without first beginning.

To begin is a requirement before a goal can or will be reached.

Sometimes the first step can be the most difficult.  Whether it is fear, procrastination, laziness, or a host of other excuses, the first step can seem insurmountable at times.  Instead of allowing the first step to hinder you from moving forward I encourage and urge you to go take this step immediately.  Do it now without giving yourself time to come up with reasons of why you cannot do it this moment.

When you begin and take your first step it does not need, nor should it be, a huge one.  The first step should merely be something to get you started.  It provides a stepping stone moving you forward so as to put you in position to take another.

In terms of reaching my goal for running a 5k, beginning is a requirement.  After having started earlier this year only to stop when life happened and days became hotter I had to once again consider my “Why?” of running a 5k.  Once I put my “Why?” in the forefront of my mind the next step was to begin – or begin again in this case.

Beginning can and should be broken down to the smallest step possible as it is merely a place to get us moving in the right direction.  For me, the best place to begin is my putting on a pair of socks and my running shoes.  Once the shoes are on it is much easier to go out and begin training again.

What can you do today, this very moment, to begin?

If your desire is to obtain a new job you probably need to write a resume.  Beginning could consist of opening a new document and typing your name at the top.  Once you have begun it makes it easier to continue and take the next step.

You are not going to lose weight if you do not begin adding or taking away something from your life.  You could begin by eating a vegetable or drinking half a glass of water.

That vacation you plan on taking the family will never take place if you do not begin.  Beginning for you might be performing a search on the internet for places to stay in the area you wish to visit.

Take a moment to consider your most important goal and decide how you can begin today.  Figure out something that will only take a minute or two to perform.  Have you thought of something?  If so, then go and begin right now.  No more putting off.  Become one who accomplishes goals and do this by beginning.


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