We are now into the third installment of tips for achieving goals.  Are you making progress and finding yourself taking steps forward? I hope this is the case.  Do you still have your “Why?” in mind?  If not, check out Tip One.  Have you taken that first step and begun?  If so, great work!  If you still find yourself procrastinating, failing to take that first step forward, go read Tip Two and choose to begin!

Hopefully you are on your way and making progress toward your goal; however, if you are still struggling, today’s tip may just be the help you need.

Today I want to discuss the importance of  having a goal buddy.  More often than not I have kept my goals private, never telling anyone until that which I had set out to accomplish was completed.  Looking back over the goals I have and have not accomplished I realize keeping goals private is a bad idea.  One of the problems with not sharing your goals with others is that you are not accountable to anyone.  Having someone to whom you are accountable can be a great motivator, pushing you to accomplish steps required in order to complete any given goal.

In regards to my goal of running a 5k, having a buddy has been vital in staying the course.  My sister and I have decided to run a race together.  At times we train together (her motivating me to go further or faster than I would otherwise choose).  On days when I have lacked motivation I have become motivated by way of receiving a notice on my phone that she went for a run.  I in turn have motivated her in this same manner.  I must say, this use of the phone has been a great tool to help me stick with my goal.

Having a buddy who is working alongside you, one who is heading toward the same goal is an excellent aid.  Having a buddy who is there to keep you on tract, pushing you to take the next step, and keeping you accountable can be a game changer in terms of achieving the goal or goals you have long desired.

I encourage you to seek out a goal buddy.  Find someone who will either train with you, or, keep you accountable.  Having someone else who is investing themselves in your goal provides encouragement and motivation you could never give yourself.

When working toward a goal do you have a buddy to encourage and motivate you?


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