Sometimes, when trying to reach a goal the barrier that is most prevalent, and the most difficult to pass, is that which resides within our mind.  When we tell ourselves that something is difficult, or impossible to achieve, we make it as such.  Too often we allow ourselves to believe we do not have the means, time, energy, or intellect to reach a desired goal.

More often than not it is not our circumstances, abilities (or lack thereof), or even time restraints that are hindering success in a given goal.  Many times it is the thoughts we think.

If you knew without a doubt that the right doors would open, and you would achieve your greatest goal within the next six months would you move forward?  Would you take step after step until you met with success?  Of course you would.  When you know you can achieve that which you are after, it makes it all the easier to continue.  In reality, we strive for goals without knowing what lay ahead.  We cannot tell whether or not we will meet with success and accomplish the desire.  We may meet with success, we may not.  There may be obstacles in our way, there may not.

I encourage you to take a step forward despite the mental barriers you have put up.  Push aside or cross over the mental barrier blocking you from taking a step, staying the course, and finishing.

For my own goal of running a 5k, mental barriers are prevalent.  One mental barrier which likes to block my way is the voice telling me I will not be ready to run this race I plan on participating in a months time.  The thought of not being ready, of not being able to run the entire race has hindered me from signing up for a race earlier.  Now however, I have decided that whether or not I can complete the race without taking a walking break, I am going to sign up and participate.  Other barriers consist of waking up stiff in the morning and my mind telling me I am going to have a difficult time running that day.  Usually, the stiffness is gone a few minutes into my workout.

Are your thoughts creating a barrier which is blocking you from taking the next step toward your goal?  If so, shift your mindset.  Decide you will take a step forward no matter what may take place.  You may meet with difficulties.  You may not.  You may fail.  You may succeed.

It is exciting to meet with success and check off a goal, but we need to keep in mind, most of the journey is working toward the goal not in finishing.

Four Tips to help you reach your Goals…

  1. Know your “Why?”
  2. Begin
  3. Find a Goal Buddy
  4. Overcome your own Mental Barriers

Now go and achieve your goals!



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