A Published Book (or rather, my 3rd one)

Friday found me posting my 3rd ebook on amazon.  You can watch a video of that moment here.  Slowly I am making my way toward creating videos and posting pictures of myself.  It is a big step to take as it requires me to move away from only having words I write available for people to read, but, it also allows you (my readers) to see me at another level.  It is slow in coming, but with time I will reach my goal.  Making progress and moving forward is what is important.

It was exciting to push “publish” but to be honest, I had to push it several times due to my internet connection deciding to act funny.  My intention was to publish outside while enjoying the last of the heat of Summer still in the air, and a breeze from the willow tree overhead.  That however did not happen.  Even after deciding to come inside to publish my book I had to try a few times more before it finally worked.  And yes, I recorded everyone of those attempts.  I was determined to get the moment on video, which I successfully achieved.

 Survey Results

The book I published is titled Living in Confidence Facing your Fears.  Sometime back (well, more time than I have realized) I had posted a survey on Confidence and was thrilled to have so many of you participate.  Several of you had shown interest in knowing the results and this is in answer to your request.  The following consists of the percentages of those who answered the questions.  In one of the chapters from my book mentioned above I include quotes.  


50 Responses

Are you…

Male: 14%

Female: 86%

How would you rate your self-esteem?

High: 26%

Average: 54%

Low: 20%

How often do you experience a lack of confidence?

Daily: 28%

Weekly: 34%

Monthly: 22%

Rarely: 16%

In which areas do you feel confident? (select all that apply)

Work Place: 29 (58%)

Family: 37 (74%)

Friends: 32 (64%)

Physical Appearance: 20 (40%)

Abilities: 33 (66%)

Knowledge: 28 (56%)

Do you feel a boost of confidence when following an exercise regimen?

Yes: 57.1%

No: 8.2%

Sometimes: 34.7%

If living in confidence is an issue you deal with, head over to amazon and check out my first few chapters of Living in Confidence Facing your Fears for free.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in my survey!  I enjoyed getting a glimpse of how others view the area of confidence.

Now, go live confidently!


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