With exercise also comes the importance of stretching so as to avoid injury, improve posture and balance, as well as increase blood supply to muscles.

Physical stretching is not the only form we should perform, mental ones are just as important.  Without being pulled out of our comfort zone we never experience growth, and without growth we become stagnant.  Performing that which is difficult or uncomfortable stretches us.  It brings us outside our comfort zone allowing us to live new experiences and learn new skills.  The more we step outside our comfort zone and try new things the more we grow and learn.  As we do, our comfort zone expands and grows with us.

When God asks you to do something which makes you feel anxious, when your palms begin to sweat, heart beats faster, and you gasp for air because you forget to breathe, do not avoid following God’s leading.  He does not ask us to move forward to hurt us.  He asks things of us so that we might grow.  The next time you are faced with something you view as difficult, scary, and uncomfortable, instead of allowing your fear to hold you back move forward by faith.

Living by faith is the best response to doing that which God asks of us when we do not feel prepared.  Looking back over my life, the circumstances which were scary, the ones where I felt vulnerable and incapable, those difficult ones, they are the circumstances God used to grow me into the woman I am today.  I would not be who I am today if it were not for facing brain surgeries, attending college, saying “yes” to opportunities when all I wanted to do was say “no”, they all have grown and stretched me.  If you desire to change, to become something better than you are today you are going to have to stretch.  You are going to have to take steps by faith trusting that God will provide – and He will.  At times you may think He is not helping, but on the other side of the circumstance you will see He was there all along.

Decide to step outside of your comfort zone, decide to take a step by faith.  In time you will be glad for the stretches you performed.

What stretches have you experienced?



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