This morning as the curtains were pulled back I was greeted by a thick fog.  The backyard, as well as the barn on the other side of the driveway could be seen, but other than that, everything else was covered by the thick mist.

Sometimes, our prayer life too can feel as though a fog has moved in.  We ask God for answers or direction and all we get in return is silence.  No matter how we may feel on the matter, God always answers us.  At times His answer is “no”, other times it is “yes”.  But I think, the most difficult answer to accept, is “wait”.  When we are not getting the answer we need it is often because God is telling us to wait, to be patient.  Just as fog requires us to slow down when driving, what seems like silence from God is His way of causing us to slow down and wait on Him.  He is working in our lives even when we are not getting an answer.  He is preparing things so that when He guides us, we will be ready for that which He has in store.

The next time you feel as though God is not speaking in regards to a specific prayer request, wait.  Continue to pray and wait on God.  He wants to guide and show us the way bur sometimes we are too impatient.  In this day and age we are used to immediate gratification.  We can go through a line of a fast food place and within minutes are handed a bag of food.  When looking something up online, all it takes is a second till we have tens of thousands of articles available.

God does not work that way.  If we are going to serve Him, if we want to follow His guidance, we must wait for His timing.

Patience can be a difficult thing, but waiting for an answer from God, allowing Him to reveal His will in His timing, is always best.

When was the last time you waited for God’s timing and found it was the perfect time?



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