Remember the past, dream of the future, but always live in the present.

As a new year approaches it is easy to get caught up in thoughts of how our future can be changed, and moan over things of the past.  While memories are nice to hold onto whether it is of childhood times, holiday’s spent with relatives, family members who are no longer here, the past is not a place we can nor should live.  Making goals and creating a plan for the future can help us get from today to who it is we want to become; however, the future too is not the place where life takes place.  Tomorrow holds no guarantee.

Today, this moment in time is where life happens.  The past is gone.  The future may never arrive.  What we have is today, this moment.  Sometimes we need to stop our thoughts from wondering to the past or drifting to the future and instead focus on living in and enjoying the current moment.

Remember your past, dream of the possibilities 2017 holds, but then, come back to the present and live.



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