2017 has arrived.

It is now the new year.  For me, this one is entered with anticipation and excitement for what The Lord has in store.

Today opens to the next chapter of life.  This morning it was blank; however, 22 hours later there is now a small amount of writing.  As the clock struck 12 this page sat ready and waiting for words to be written upon.  Now, as the end of the first day of this year approaches, words have been written.  Life happens and passes us by whether or not we are proactive in the things we learn, do, and experience.  2016 has passed.  That chapter has ended.  What we allowed to be written by way of our actions and choices cannot be changed.  For some it was the best year ever, for others it was the worst.  Now, we are in the process of beginning yet another year.  A year which holds the opportunity for new skills to be learned, new sights to see, and new experiences to have.

Time passes whether or not we are putting forth effort in performing something of meaning.  You may have hopes, dreams, resolutions, or goals that you hope, wish, desire, may even be determined to experience; however, they will only transpire by way of conscious action.  Time passes without any help from us, but, it is action that makes things happen and makes way for results.

Are you determined to take action and make this year one that results in achieving that which you have set out for to experience?  Leave a comment below and share your ideas of making 2017 a great year.


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