Today marks the second day of 2017. The New Year has started and with it comes the work of accomplishing goals. Before, time was spent on deciding where to place focus and importance for the year. Goals have been decided upon.  There was also the planning and preparing. Those plans have been laid and preparation has been made. Now, all that is left, that which is now required, is action. The need to take one step forward on a daily basis.

There are 365 days to this year. It may sound like a lot of time; however, as the years pass it seems each one goes by faster than the one before. This year will come to an end – and it will seem to arrive far too soon. If each of us would take one step (no matter how small) toward our goal ever day, we would experience great results by the time we are facing the next year.

365 days can pass us by quickly. This is why we need to make sure everyday finds us moving forward. Inch by inch on a daily basis is far better than an occasional giant leap. Consistency is key. Consistency leads to habits, and good habits make it easier to continue. Take time to perform one action that brings your goal closer into view ever day. Being consistent will guarantee you move forward in a direction which brings about results.

Take action, be consistent, and experience great results this year!

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4 thoughts on “Day 2 and the Importance of Action and Consistency

  1. I remember setting my 2016 goals like it was just a couple weeks ago. Those 365 days pass fast and you’re right, it’s so important to take control of every day in order to achieve the goals we’ve set.

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