Today marks the one year anniversary of my enjoying the title Aunt. A year ago today The Lord brought a very special bundle of joy into this world. A sweet blessing that stole my heart. There is something about a baby that brings with it words such as; sweetness, innocence, pure, untainted, blessing, and miracle. There are so many feelings brought on by way of a tiny being entering the world.

The little one who celebrates her birthday today is loved by many family members. The great joy caused by her birth causes my own heart to break for those who enter this world unloved and unwanted. How often do those same babies grow up continuing to feel unloved and unwanted?

If you have ever felt a lack of love, if those closest to you have been the very ones to break your heart, look up and talk to the one whose love for you is beyond comprehension. No matter how broken and discarded you may feel, there is a God in heaven who loves and desires a relationship with you. Each little child, every grown adult is precious in the sight of God. He loved each of us to such an extent He allowed His only son Jesus Christ to die on a cross for each of our sins. God loves on a personal level. He cares about us as individuals. When He looks down on us he not only sees the entire world, He also sees each broken heart, every newborn baby, each soul who rejoices over a special blessing.

Today marks the birthday of a baby who is loved extremely, but, no matter how great of love I or anyone else holds for her, God’s love is many times more.

When you feel discouraged or down, when moments of feeling unloved or uncared for enter your life, open God’s word and discover His love for you. Get down on your knees and pray to Him who knows and loves you better than anyone here on earth is capable.

The next time you hold or play with a child who is part of your life, take a moment to thank The Lord for this blessing in the form of a child, as well as the great love God has for you.

Many people go through life feeling broken and unwanted. Be kind to those around you and allow God’s love to shine through you by way of a smile, a helping hand, even something as simple as allowing another to go before you in line. You never know how far a simple act of kindness will go.

God’s love is amazing.  If I, a simple human being, can love a little one with a full heart, then, the love God has for each of us is something truly amazing and remarkable.


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