Nearing the end of the first week of this new year many people are still excited and focused on accomplishing their goals.  The gym is frequented, diets are followed, exercise is consistent, family is a priority, kindness is acted upon, following through with ways to save money is taking place, and plans are followed.

When starting the work of obtaining a goal it can be simultaneously the easiest and most difficult time of the entire process.  The easiest because it is often when we are the most excited – the new year makes it even more so.  The most difficult because having just come out of the Christmas season life has been full of junk food, time off, and a change of routine.

Goals and resolutions may be excitedly set at the beginning of each year but more often than not they are abandoned before January is over.  Do not allow your goal to disappear before you have had the chance to experience progress and success.

Habits!  Habits are required to go from a resolution, a dream, a goal and turn it into reality.  If all we do is dream and desire for a change that change will never take place.  By taking action we can move forward, experience progress, and in time mark off a goal accomplished.  Habits make taking action an easier process.  The more we do something the easy it becomes.  It can be difficult to start an exercise routine; however, as you follow a workout plan and stick with it a habit begins to form.  As a habit is formed it becomes easier to stick with the goal.  Whether the goal is weight lose, emphasis on exercise, getting debt free, or, placing importance on family time, taking action on a daily basis forms a habit over time.

You know a habit has been formed when you find yourself doing something that moves you toward your goal without having taken conscious thought.  Maybe you find yourself sitting down at a party suddenly realizing you never thought about the dessert table.  It might be finding yourself naturally parking further from the entrance or taking the stairs.  It could be telling your boss that you cannot come in on Saturday as you have prior engagements – spending time with family – when you would normally have said an immediate yes regretting your words as they left your mouth.

Make 2017 the year a goal is achieved!  Make habits an important part of the process!

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What habits are you forming this year?


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