God provides everything we need to live a life of greatness.  Whether or not we use that which He has supplied us with is our own choosing.

There are many reasons people fail to live a great life; dark times, weakness, and fear are three.


Christ provides comfort in the dark times, we simply need to reach out and accept that comfort.

Christ has the strength when we are weak, it is our responsibility to lean on Him.

Christ offers peace when fear is prevalent, it is ours the moment we take ahold.

Often, blame is placed on circumstances or other people for the reason greatness is lacking from one’s life.  Other people and circumstances do not determine who it is we became or what it is we do.  Yes, people and circumstances can make an impact upon our lives; however, the choices we make determine how great a life we experience.

Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

This is not to say we will all become millionaires, have the most amazing jobs, be healed from our diseases, or do and accomplish everything we have desired.  If you look at the previous verse in Philippians, Paul is talking about being able to be abased, hungry, and suffer need.

Doing all things through Christ may mean dying of cancer.  But, dying with the strength of Christ shining through you during a difficult and painful time.

Maybe your “all things” is never experiencing the joy of holding your own baby.  Instead of the joys of motherhood you invest in, and touch, the lives of the children around you.

Doing all things may mean going to a foreign country, leaving family and friends behind, all that you might tell others of your precious Savior Jesus Christ.  Through His strength it can be done.

Some will become millionaires through the strength of Christ and use that monetary blessing for The Lord.

Others might do through starting their dream business through Christ’s strength.

Doing all things does not mean the things you want to do will transpire; rather, the path God wants each of us as individuals to take can be done through His strength.

Yes, some people will enjoy doing all things by starting a business, or becoming a doctor, maybe becoming financially set, or, having the leisure to travel at will.

For some though, that strength to do all things is a strength Christ provides as you bury a child, or hear the doctor say it would take a miracle.  Maybe that strength is to get a second job to pay for medical expenses or afford a home.  The strength Christ provides you with may be living with constant pain.

The verse does not tell us that it will be easy to do all things.  Paul simply states that “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  There was a lot of trouble Paul experienced in which he needed a lot of strength, strength that could only come from Christ.  Even with all Paul went through, still he said “I can do all things”.

Christ provides the strength to live this life whatever it may entail.  Each of us can live a life of greatness; however, that greatness is different for each of us.  Greatness is not found in our strength, it is found by following and obeying God’s plan, and using the strength Christ provides.

Maybe you will be one of the individuals God strengthens by way of monetary means so as to serve Him financially.  Then again, He might provide you with strength to faithfully and consistently serve Him in your local church.

Living a life of greatness does not have to include wealth, fame, success, or recognition.

Living a life of greatness is accepting the path God asks you to take and following, trusting, and resting in Him even if, or when, it requires you to be abased, hungry, and suffer need.

Will you “do all things through Christ” no matter what the “all” may stand for?



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