Philippians 3:14 “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

There are a lot of marks we can press toward, the goals of 2017 included.

Today marks the finish for the third week of 2017.  One more week and January will be completed.

On one hand it is crazy to think three weeks have come and gone.  On the other, it is exciting to see the accomplishments that have already been made.

Some things fell away this past week for me with having become sick.  You know it is bad when getting up to go the bathroom requires more energy than you have, and so, it is put off.

Other goals are still going strong.  Even with being sick, having an upset stomach, and a limited taste for food I stuck with my sweets, gluten, and dairy free diets – even when a glass of clear pop sounded good to settle the stomach.  Promising The Lord I would stick with this goal for the first month is the only reason this was possible.  Which makes me realize, I need to figure out which goal to promise Him in February.  If it is promised then it will not be broken.

Occurances and roadblocks happen without any suggestions from us – I did not ask to get sick. They will happen, but, that does not mean they have to stop us.  Instead of quitting we need to make sure we cross the hurdle and get back on track.  When we fall away from our goals we need to asses what went wrong and take time to figure what can be done better.

Falling away from a goal can be discouraging; however, it only becomes detrimental when we fail to start again.  Do not go full board back to eating junk food just because you broke your resolve for one meal.  That meal is over and yes, you stepped away from your goal; but, instead of allowing that to make you quit, simply step back to your goal. Pick up from where you ended and start again.

We are going to make mistakes and we will fail to stick with goals.  When we do, it should not give us the mind set to completely quit, rather, we should assess how and what things are working (or not), evaluate the plan, make some tweaks, then start again.  That is one of the most important parts of sticking with a goal, deciding to start again.

Decide to press toward the mark of your goal even if you have fallen away.

How are you pressing toward your mark in 2017?


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