Last night snow continued to fall finding me slowly driving home while making my way down the icy country roads.  Other than a light dusting a few weeks ago, this was the first snowfall of January – highly unusual here in Michigan.  Only a few snowfalls, and warm weather in the 30’s (even a few days in the 60’s) has made for a very uncommon winter, which I have enjoyed immensely.

While I have loved the lack of snow this winter there is something about the ground being freshly covered in snow that causes me to smile.  As I look out my window the sight causes me to think of a fresh start, a new beginning.  The dark browns of winter are covered in pure sparkling white.  It is a picturesque scene for sure.

Today marks the end of January and tomorrow starts a new month.  Just as this snowfall has given me a feeling of a clean slate, so does a new month.  No matter how January may have passed, February approaches with the chance to begin again.

January has been a good month for me.  Many goals have lasted and even been completed.

Eating gluten, dairy and dessert free has lasted the entire month.  My tastes have changed over this past month.  Yes, pizza, and a homemade four-cheese grilled cheese sandwich sounds delicious at the moment; however, the banana pancakes I have been making taste delicious too – and without making me feel sick and sluggish.

My room has been decluttered, simplified, and organized.  I find it is easy to accumulate items, and yet, less stuff makes for a more relaxed and peaceful life.

As the alarm goes off each morning I roll out of bed and get down on me knees starting each morning spending time with my Lord and Savior.  Preparation is key and spending time praying and reading the words God has given me by way of the Bible is the best preparation I can perform.

A lot has transpired for me this first month of 2017.  Goals are being and have been accomplished.  Now though, a new month is about to begin.  With it comes a new focus and new goals.  This year I am doing something different.  While I still have goals that I want to accomplish throughout the year, and habits I want to form, this year finds me choosing a main focus for each month.  If nothing else transpires, that focus is going to be accomplished.  After praying about and choosing the focus I simply promise The Lord that I am going to follow through.  I have found making a promise to The Lord is the best form of accountability for me to have.  Once the promise is made I have to do everything possible to make it happen.  January’s promise was that I would not eat desserts, dairy, or gluten.  Once the promise was made it took off the pressure of deciding in the moment whether or not I would eat the slice of pizza.  I promised The Lord that I would not, and so, until the month is over, I will not.  It has worked.

By choosing a main focus each month the end of the year will find me having accomplished a minimum of 12 goals.  However, with the accomplishment of each goal their is an added excitement to accomplish more.  I am excited to see where this year will take me.

Back to the topic of this post – A clean slate.  Tomorrow marks another beginning, it marks a new month.  Maybe you have found yourself slipping away from your goal or goals, or, you have completely given up.  Today is a new day, tomorrow is a new month.  No matter where you are in regards to reaching your goal there is always time to start again.  Each meal, each week, each month, even each hour wipes clean the slate and allows opportunity for you to begin anew.  Your goal may be long forgotten; however, today can find you beginning again.  Let your slate be wiped clean and decide to begin again.

Do not let 2017 be another year which finds your goals being left incomplete.  Start afresh today and go after your goal.  Wipe the slate clean.  Forget about your failures, and simply begin in this moment.

If you are struggling in completing goals you can read a sampling of my book “Grow and Achieve Your Goal in 2017” for free on amazon.

Make 2017 a year to remember.  Accomplish your goals.  Live your dreams.  February first wipes the slate clean.  Start again and make this coming month one of great accomplishments – whatever great may be for you.

Have you stuck with your goal/s in January?  If so, what have you done to persevere?  If not, what roadblocks did you encounter?  I would love to hear how 2017 is going for you.


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