Having a focus for January worked so well that I am continuing the thought into February. Same idea, new focus – although I have yet to eat gluten, dairy, and sweets. Maybe I will go another week. Unless of course someone brings paczki’s.  If so, this healthy eating is coming to an abrupt end. I did my month, I can stop for paczki’s (and yes, I meant to type in the plural). There is something about the thick breading before hitting the jellied inside that tingles my taste buds and brings a smile to my face.

While I am still carrying January’s focus into February for a few days anyway, this new month has me beginning a few new focuses.

One focus is on that which I am not going to do.

Lately I have gotten into the bad habit of deciding to relax and watch something on netflix in the evening’s. It has been zapping too much of my time, and so, I have decided to stay away from movies and such unless it is educational (and even then, it will be limited). Listening to Pandora is another aspect I am giving up.  Too often I set up my phone with music before pulling out the drive. Living out in the country it takes time to drive anywhere. Instead of listening to music I want to go back to my old ways of talking in prayer to my Savior while driving rather than listening to music.

Now, I realize having two focuses technically means I am not focused.  However, the work behind not watching movies and listening to music took place when I decided not to do them. Now, I simply do not do them. Neither of them need to be focused on.  I made the decision to stop, and so, stopping has taken place.

With that, onto my second focus (which is actually the first as it is the one which requires effort and action).

I have both an etsy site (where I have dabbled in selling handmade items) and, a booth I share with my mom and sister where we sell antiques and re-purposed furniture. This month I have made a commitment to The Lord of listing 100 items in my etsy shop, and, a predetermined worth of items into my booth.

As mentioned in a previous post I have found that by promising The Lord I will or will not do something – depending on the goal/focus – causes me to stick with what I am setting out for to accomplish. I promised The Lord no movies or Pandora, and so, February will find them absent from my life.  I promised The Lord to list items on my etsy shop, and, take a fair amount of items to the booth.  This month will find me frequently spending time listing items and painting furniture.

I start this 3rd day of February with great excitement.  January was an excellent month despite my being sick for nearly a week.  I look forward to what The Lord will allow to transpire this month.

What goals are you pursuing in February?  What about this month causes you to become excited?


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